The Porsche Connect Apps

The Porsche Connect Apps

Digital interfaces between a mobile phone and Porsche

Digital interfaces between a mobile phone and Porsche

Digital interfaces between a mobile phone and Porsche

Digital interfaces between a mobile phone and Porsche

→ Remote access to vehicle data
→ Control of vehicle functions by smartphone
→ Recording and analysis of driving on race tracks
→ A total of 300 programmed international race circuits

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Porsche Connect App: mobile phone as the control centre

Porsche Connect extends the Porsche Communication Management (PCM) system and also includes apps for mobile devices alongside intelligent services. The central platform for this is the Porsche Connect App. The app allows the user to check vehicle data and also remotely operate certain vehicle functions by smartphone or Apple Watch.

The race track is the territory of the Porsche Track Precision App: This app permits detailed display, recording and analysis of laps driven on a race circuit.

The Porsche Connect App is divided into three areas:

  • My Account provides access to the profile linked to the Porsche ID. Data can be synchronised between Porsche applications there. It is also possible to access the various telephone numbers of Porsche Connect Support, Porsche Assistance and the Security Operating Centre of the Porsche Vehicle Tracking System (PVTS). An overview of the contract status and the remaining terms of the Porsche Connect services can also be found in this area.
  • Using the Navigation option, a trip can be planned away from the vehicle and the route then sent to the car.
  • Under the My Car heading, information can be accessed remotely and functions operated.

Doors can be unlocked or locked remotely, for example. Those who drive an electric sports car such as the Taycan, or a Cayenne or Panamera with hybrid drive, can use the Climate function. The car's interior can then be adjusted to the desired temperature by means of a timer. At the planned departure times, the intelligent climate function sends a push notification as a reminder about the scheduled precooling/preheating of the vehicle. Convenience features such as the seat, windscreen or steering wheel heating can also be controlled by means of the app and PCM.

What are the tyre pressures? Are the doors locked? How long did the last journey take, and what was the average speed? The Car Control and Trip Control functions answer such detailed questions about the vehicle status.

The Car Finder function can be used to locate the vehicle using the Porsche Connect App. The positions of both car and mobile device are shown on a map. This also permits navigation from the current location to the vehicle – if it is not immediately possible to find the place where the car is parked in an unknown town, for example.

The Location Alarm, Speed Alarm and Valet Alarm functions provide the customer with an overview of the location and speed of their vehicle even when they have given their Porsche to someone else to drive:

  • The Location Alarm function allows the permitted driving radius to be restricted on a map. As soon as the vehicle leaves or enters this area, a notification is sent to the smartphone with information about the place and time.
  • With Speed Alarm, a notification is issued if a previously defined speed is exceeded.
  • Valet Alarm is designed for use when the vehicle is parked by a valet parking service and combines the Speed Alarm and Location Alarm functions. The default limits are a radius of one kilometre and a speed of 50 km/h.
  • Another function is Car Alarm, which informs the owner via their smartphone if the alarm system is tripped.

Porsche Track Precision App: digital trainer in top form

In 2020, Porsche significantly extended the functions of its virtual coach for the race track: in its latest evolutionary stage, the free Porsche Track Precision App can now be displayed directly on the car's screen using Apple CarPlay® and operated using the Porsche Communication Management (PCM) system. Alternatively, a measurement can be started by means of a lap trigger, which is available as an option via Porsche Tequipment.

A total of 300 programmed international circuits are available to Porsche drivers in the current version 3.2. The predefined portfolio can be extended with individual recordings as desired. The training app is available for all current-generation Porsche 911 and 718 models in combination with the Sport Chrono package and installed LTE communication module. Expansion to further product lines is planned.

The Porsche Track Precision App records, analyses and displays individual driving data on a race circuit. The goal is to enable drivers to develop their personal driving style. For this purpose, detailed real-time data on longitudinal and lateral acceleration, braking force and engine revs, as well as speed on the track, is recorded and evaluated while the car is being driven. The Porsche Track Precision App is connected to various control units in the car via the PCM. The data from the vehicle’s sensors is recorded by the app and analysed in comparison with a reference lap or the driver’s personal best.

All functions of the Track Precision App at a glance

  • Automatic lap time recording using GPS data: the user must first select or create a track for this.
  • Live displays: when driving on a circuit, the laptimer (current time and speed deviation in relation to the reference lap including prediction for the current lap time) and the 'Drive at your limits' view are available. The latter visualises performance based on acceleration and other vehicle data.
  • Video analysis: videos from smartphones or action cams can be recorded when driving and then combined with driving data afterwards.
  • Driving performance analysis: the connection to the car’s sensors means that a wide range of information such as steering angle, brake pressure or accelerator pedal position is available. This information can be compared with the data from previous laps and makes it possible to quickly see where the driver can improve. Videos and driving data can be exported for detailed analysis.
  • Data can be exchanged quickly and easily by means of AirDrop®, which makes it possible to perform a detailed analysis on an iPad® afterwards.
  • The Apple Watch® app allows the recording to be started and stopped and records the driver’s pulse. The watch provides feedback by vibration if the driver achieves a new personal best time.
  • The driving experience can also be shared with others via social media.

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